“Sit down and relax, you’re back home”. This evocative phrase sums up the inspiration behind Back Home, a collection of furniture and small accessories whose design philosophy has two strands: work and fun. Mainly produced in solid natural wood, the majority of the pieces are produced in the little workshop belonging to Saverio Zaminga, a retired carpenter and grandfather of the creator, Antonio Aricò. Objects that are friendly, sober and comfortable, they all have a look about them that transcends generations as well as a subtle tone of irony, in which contemporary elements, such as the abstraction of form and an invitation to alternative and informal uses of space and body are fused with a recognizable almost rural idea of domestic furniture. Among the 2012 products, it is worth mentioning the multifunctional Scrittoio table, the Waitress Armchair, Dumba Chair, and Silly Chair and the Bench One & a Half. All these stand out for their versatility and original form, often summed up in an unexpected added element (the little arm-rest/tray of the Waitress Armchair, the service top added to the base of the multifunctional Scrittoio table, to give just two examples). Another characteristic element is the intentional oversized dimensions of the component parts, which is transformed into a genuine expressive theme (Dumba Chair).


ADI index 2013