Tel Aviv 2015


Taking place during the Holon Design Week and organised by the Embassy of Italy in Israel, the Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Cultural Institute, the conference “Food for Thought” is dedicated to design in the context of food. This topic gives both Israel and Italy an unique opportunity to present their excellence in food and agriculture to the world. In both countries, today and more than ever, cooking and food components have been elevated to an art form, prominent in culture and society.
Antonio Aricò adds : ‘Being invited by the Italian Embassy in Israel and part of Editamateria to talk besides such big names like Ron Arad, Carlo Ratti, Carlo Cracco or Birgit Lohman is very exciting. Every occasion to be surrounded by others designers or artists are for me an incredible source of inspiration and creativity. Coming from South of Italy where traditions are very deep, it’s overwhelming for me, to be considered as a contemporary designer by the international world scene.’

Liquid Glass Holon Design Museum