For Ventura Lambrate, Antonio Aricò worked specially on retro and powerful furniture pieces, following his philosophy and personality based on two simple words: work and fun. Thought up, prepared and nurtured in the South of Italy, the design of the collection ‘Back Home’ were created in a small, traditional atelier with Antonio’s Nonno, Saverio Zaminga. A retired Carpenter who is still in love with wood and shapes, Nonno played an important role in the realisation of Antonio’s new collection. ‘Back Home’ is a joyful mix between Antonio’s new products and his popular designs, such as the Watering Kettle Can and the Welcome Tree Carpet, already shown in a few Italian showrooms and at the DMY in Berlin last year. Complementing these two pieces, you’ll find some new objects such as: The Waitress Armchair, The Dumba Chair, The Silly Chair and The Bench One and a Half. Friendly, sculptural, disproportioned, sober, comfortable and made of solid beech wood in dark stains, Antonio’s designs are all about fun and movement.

‘Back Home’ will also introduce Antonio’s lamp, lantern, desk, kettle and table. Antonio wants to welcome you into a comfortable living room - an elegant, warm sharing space. Antonio Aricò says: “With Back Home I wanted to bring us back to our memories and childhood. The shapes and volumes of the collection hide fun, warm personalities and characters – surrounding us with a familiar, cosy feeling."

Sit and relax. You’re Back Home!