When I first met the glass artisan Sohelia Dilfanian in 2015, I was working and thinking about how products were done in the past: techniques, materials, customs. This is why I decided to use stained-glass window for this project. I wanted to use a material and a technique from the past and issued from our artistic tradition and heritage.

Contemporary design can sometimes refresh objects and typology and give them a new dimension connected to traditional techniques slowly disappearing unfortunately. These last years, I focused my work on the primordial parallel between craft and design and worked exclusively with my grandfather Saverio, a carpenter.Now, I’m really focusing on developing this way of ‘doing things’, I have met a lot of extraordinary artisans with their unique stories. Each of their techniques represents a profession that needs to be taken seriously and approached with passion.

Cathedral Glass Cabinets are handmade by Soheila Dilfanian, expert in vitrales art for churches in Turin: “I liked to put a touch of my art and heart in everyday furniture piece like the cabinets and wardrobes”

This wanted to be a funny connection between the churches windows and our common cabinets, so everytime we will open the doors of the cabinet it will be like opening a bright window in our house... By moving the cabinets in di erent walls of our apartment we will decide to easily move an “imaginary” fantastic window around our house! Melting the outdoor world with the indoor one.