Natale, is an emotional and a familial moment, Antonio wanted to design an object full of memories and significations. He also wanted to propose a simple product, less luxurious and expensive than the ones from his previous collections. He thought of a stool that we could have seen in our parents or grandparents living rooms. Made in natural pinewood, its smell is also a warm ‘clin d’oeil’ to Christmas’ atmosphere.
Simple to build, Little Stool plays with the archetype of a common stool. Minimal but with characterful details, his legs located in front and in the back form layers and shadows. This readaptation gives more visual depth to a simple stool and brings stability and strength.
Fun and playful, the stools can be put together to become a couple or friends. Having one is useful, two or three is even more practical and it is the perfect gift to kids or young adults that we all are.

Dimensions: W40cm • D21cm • H23cm
Material: pine wood

"Little Stool, specially thought and made for Christmas and for Ilaria I’s temporary shop in Modena, Italy."


24 Little Stools have been handmade for the Stockholm Design Week 2014, especially done for Tempo Italiano