Milan, the 26th of January – One of the special Italian guests invited by the Design Boomart exhibition held in Stockholm in February 2015, Antonio Arico, has designed “OLDWAYS: a little wooden collection”.

Being invited by the Triennale Design Museum of Milan and ICE, the Italian Trade Agency, to present and sell little objects for a maximum price of 100 euros, Antonio thought that it was the right occasion to repurpose four pieces from Antonio’s cultural heritage. He was inspired by simple, casual objects that are always hanging on the walls of his grandfather’s kitchen, simple wooden designs created in a basic way.
These items were created by two souls: Antonio’s “drawings” and his grandfather’s “handwork”, which bring a certain story to this family of objects, an identity strongly connected to a Mediterranean imaginary based on the words “purity” and “imperfection”.
For Antonio, there’s a strong link between the south of Italy and Sweden or Northern Europe: a strong affection for nature and the will to go back to simple things; a sense of light, pureness and spontaneity!

photo ©f.zaminga