‘Petite Mariée’ was born from a brief sent last year by LPWK design and Alessi, the focus was to work on a “non-design” theme: the Wedding Gifts. As first step, Antonio had to reinvent a classic Italian object called: the bomboniere. ‘Designing wedding favours was quite a challenge for Antonio Arico?’ explains Laura Polinoro ‘Alessi pushed Antonio to a different kind of imagery, exploring archetypes related to women: hospitality, the act of giving and sweetness.’ ‘La petite Marie?e’ is an icon of timeless and eternal beauty and is completely inspired by 18th century porcelain figurines. A deep research on the work of Archimede Seguso’s figurines and Venetian bombonieres from the Renaissance was conducted and translated naturally by Antonio’s doodle into the Alessi imaginary. Petite Marie?e is a graceful token of love ; a little dame, shy, sober and elegant with a dress that reminds the shape of a soft pudding or a “marzapane” cake. The colors are typical of retro wedding favours and the little touch of pearlescent pink adds a sense of dream and preciosity. The pink is nicely matching the satin copper finishes of the hair and the accessories and lower part of the skirt. Open the body and you’ll discover a nice surprise: wedding confettis or sweets.