Art craft & Design are key themes in the work of A.Aricò.
As the theme of the next Milan 2015 EXPO is “L’Art de la Table”, Antonio wanted to talk about this discipline, not only referring to the way you “style” a table… but more on how you bring a theatrical story among the plates! By putting ‘art pieces’ on the table with a theatrical story, Antonio wanted to put the Man, the Creative and the “Creator” in the centre of attentions.
In collaboration with Massimo Lunardon, this glass collection issued from an artisanal dialogue pushed Antonio Aricò over his boundaries and his usual aesthetics and explored new possibilities.
The Blowing Man tells the story of a glass blowing man and the and this is actually told by the object itself. It is not a project only related to the concept of aesthetics and functionality, but a creative and didactic interpretation: “The” eulogy to the art of blowing the glass.
Antonio says: “With The Blowing Man collection, I wanted to create an object as a pretext to tell a story and teach something! Whilst looking at the glass vase we can learn how the vase was “magically” created… this is an important stimulus to people’s fantasy and dreams! Design for me is about sharing emotions and is an occasion to dream!”

photo ©l.pennati