Antonio Arico decorated the pizza plates #vivanapoli using three Mr. Punches preparing a pizza with the Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius as background. The distinctive elegance and style of this original pizza plate catch the eye and surprise us by this original and sophisticated interpretation of classic icons of the Neapolitan tradition. The design is based on various modulations of the infinite shades of a single colour on each of the four versions of the plate, available in set of two pieces, combined in the following colours: red and green and blue and & brown. Antonio explains: “These new Pizza plates tell the story of Italian food specialities, elegant and sophisticated in a way but also fun and different. And, what I love is to think that this graceful and ironic touch in such a common and daily object will represent the Italian culture in the entire world. This piece has clearly been inspired by Gio? Ponti’s monochromatic ceramics and the subjects’ poses hark back to the joy and optimism of the Pulcinella acrobats in Giandomenico Tiepolo’s Enlightenment.” The action depicted is theatrical; the figures appear to be linked in a dance, a common movement spread to the entire representation. The result is a composition that ties the object into the rich tapestry of cultural references from where the research started.

“With the project VIVA NAPOLI, Antonio goes beyond the boundaries of product design and introduces us to his creative approach to graphic design and art craft”