Antonio Aricò | Blue Christmas
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Blue Christmas

The challenge was big: his wintery world had to touch families around the world. He had to invite them to dream and most of all make the magic of Christmas happen in every home. For Antonio, the collection had to be traditional yet modern and beautifully done. These key design characteristics are always embodied in Antonio’s work, giving each of his products or collections a story strongly linked to his roots, emotions and memories. Antonio Aricò wanted to give life and depth to each of the main characters: a soldier, a reindeer and an angel. He was inspired by Gio Ponti’s use of decorative illustration for the design of Richard Ginori ceramics, and its clever use of tonal gradients reminiscence of airbrushing. Now, look here and enter Antonio’s imaginary: a frosty festive landscape where a soldier falls in love of the beautiful dancer, the peaceful loving angel stands under a brilliant star and the playful reindeer is frolicking before Santa Claus’ arrival. Antonio wanted to share a special time with each of us. The three fine bone china mugs, the six blown-glass balls and the three hand-painted porcelain figurines all have a special role in Antonio’s tale of love, joy and dreams.

He explains: ‘All I wanted is to inspire the whole family: the kids but also the grandparents. For me Christmas is a joyful, loud and fun moment that I always spend with all my family in Calabria, it’s very unique. I wanted to design classic but contemporary pieces that invite everyone to use their imaginations to become immersed in these graceful and evanescent playful stories.’ These dreamy and loving stories are illustrated by deep and elegant shades of blue. Not a common Christmas colour but very typical in northern European countries, countries that have also had a strong influence on Antonio. A few characters presented on the balls or the mugs are brought to life as elegant 3D figurines that carry the enchanted spirit of each story into your home.

The details of the cute and elegant illustrations are amplified by the mirrored blue surface and the materials used: Glass, bone china and porcelain. The other nice peculiarity is that the Christmas balls are “self standing”. Instead of hanging them on the Christmas tree you can also display them on a table and each of them become single Christmas souvenirs!

After designing Alessi’s souvenirs for the Universal Exposition in 2015, Antonio had the pleasure to think on and create for an inspirational and magical moment: Christmas gifts that loving people will share and cherish.


photo © f.villa