Antonio Aricò | Carretto
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Meeting the brand Noberasco was nearly an affirmation for Antonio. To meet a brand so close and proud of its history and traditions was, of course, very inspiring for Antonio who is also strongly linked to his roots and cultures. Following their shared passions, Antonio imagined a wooden trolley where various dry fruit can be displayed during the Design week in their incredible Noberasco shop on Via Spadari, in the heart of Milan. For this noble collaboration, Antonio designed an interpretation of the iconic ‘Carretto’ as a reference to Mediterranean culture, using different types of wood: chestnut – a dark wood for the internal parts and the handles, and oak – a brighter wood for the wheels. For this project Antonio had the great pleasure to be assisted and followed by Richard Greenacre a young Australian designer sensible to Art-craft and Design, two keywords embodying Antonio’s work.

photos f.villa