Antonio Aricò | Malocchio Glasses
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Malocchio Glasses

This is the 3rd time that Antonio has had the pleasure to collaborate with IN_Residence, and every time the idea behind the brief is appealing and brings Antonio to a very personal and intimate project. This year’s concept: the Talisman. Being born and raised in the South of Italy, Antonio grew up with legends, superstitions and mystical stories, and his Grandma, Nonna Vittoria, believes strongly in the ‘Malocchio’.
To avoid the underestimated ‘Malocchio effects’ behind each problem, Antonio created a pair of magic and powerful glasses. The design of the glasses is very substantial and sculptural. They are full of little hanging charms, which represent the eyes of people looking at you. They also have enamelled red coral details in order to cast out bad luck.

photos t. deorsola