Antonio Aricò | Water Pitcher Block
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Watering Kettle Can

For Antonio Aricò the archetype of a water carafe has always possessed a rounded, comfortable shape with a handle, and is used to offer a nice, fresh glass of water to guests and friends.

Playing on this idea of purity and simplicity of shape and form, Antonio wanted to create an emotional object: organic, minimal but strong and full of character. Like a giant ice cube, the body of Aricò’s Water Pitcher Block is iconic and straightforward.

This oversized glass cube sports a hole in the top which allows for hosting water and ice while protecting the water from dust. It has six little companions, a set of cubic glasses, perfect for sharing when you are with company.

The Water Pitcher Block was hand blown by Antonio’s good friend and accomplished artisan: Massimo Lunardon.

Distributed internationally by Editamateria.